Thursday, April 28

Prince William and Catherine Middleton

Who is not familiar with Prince William, son ofprominent women in the
world of Princess Diana.Prince William will be completed in this young agewith his beloved girlfriend, Catherine Middleton, such as Buckingham Palace announced last year.

It is understood that the Heir of the throne of England,Prince William and his girlfriend, Catherine Middletonhas become engaged and will get married this year.

Couples 28-year-old love relationship eight yearsago. Catherine was known as 'Waity Katy' for loyaltyapplications waiting for William, but now the wait is over. The couple will be appearing in public intomorrow when Prince William will marry a girl who will be called the Princess of Catherine Middleton.

We all have to see what would happen in this wonderful marriage ..

To the people of Malaysia, because then you have tolook at their marriage on television ..

Congratulations goes to Prince William and CatherineMiddleton
29 April 2011

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